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Hair Building Fibres (Black / Dark Brown)


Our black/dark brown variety of FAB Hair Building Fibres are easy to apply and will give you thicker, fuller hair in just 30 seconds. Virtually undetectable, these fibres are suitable for both men and women.

Also available in other colour varieties.


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How to Apply

Step 1: Apply Hair Building Fibres over thinning areas. Use only on dry hair. Remove the cap and position bottle over your head, holding it at a 45-degree angle. Gently tap the fibres over your hair until the thinning areas are no longer visible and you are satisfied with the fullness and volume of your hair.

Step 2: Pat the fibres into your hair. Gently pat the fibres so that they blend with your natural hair. Doing this will make hair building fibres appear undetectable. Spray lightly with your favourite hairspray to seal in fibres. Use your favourite shampoo to remove.


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